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We interview Vijay Golani about the upcoming event in New York as well as the Magento Association Events committee.


Brent: Today I have Vijay Golani. Vijay sits on the events committee for the Magento Association and is extremely active in the Magento community. Vijay, go ahead, introduce yourself. Tell us a little bit of what you do.

Vijay: Hello, myself Vijay Golani, as Brent says, like I’m a part of the events committee over there, we are a plan about the upcoming events.

Vijay: We help the new event organizer. We review the applications and we help to the board members that how all the events will happen. And what are the things we should do from the Magento community. Apart from that at like I’m a CEO and co-founder for the company called Evrig solutions and we are doing the Magento development, including the HofA or Hyva, apart from that I’m an organizer with Wagento for the Meet Magento India, as well as we are organizing the local city level Meetup.

Vijay: So recently we organized the Magento Meetup in Ahmedabad. 

Brent: yeah, I saw your pictures from your last Meet up and it looked fantastic. You had hundreds of people there. So tell us a little bit about how Meetups are so popular in India. 

Vijay: Maybe because of like a largest developer community we have in India and specifically to this Meet up, like it was happening in person after almost like March 2020.

Vijay: Like we have seen like lots of new people now. If we just compare with our previous Meet up, then at that time we had around like sign up was hundred, but always we see the forty so up and this time we had those forty also, and apart from that, there are eighty new faces. It means in the last two or three years. The community’s still growing.

Vijay: People are still learning the Magento and they wanted to join the Magento community. Yeah. So it was really nice event. I saw a new faces. Everyone still wants to join the next Meetup, so that’s good. 

Brent: Yeah. That’s great especially for the Magento community. So let’s maybe talk a little bit about how other people can help organize events in their own local community.

Brent: What is it that you’ve done to help organize them? 

Vijay: Yeah. Some local city Meetups like reach out to me that, Hey, we wanted to have a Meeting and wanted to know that how we can organize that. So it’s like very simple just having the, your Meetup page. And, if you do not have a speakers, I say that still, you can at least announce it and let less ask the community

Vijay: and the members that if anyone wanted to share anything to the community, then they can come up. If I just compare with our previous Meetup over there, we just had only one speaker. And at the end of the Meetup, there are five people shared their knowledge. Like even though it is a five minute or ten minute, even language is also not a barrier in the Meetup.

Vijay: So like the house given as session in a Hindi or in Gujarati also. So this are the, my always the tips, whenever any other city Meetups wanted to. 

Brent: that’s great. I think it’s exciting that you’re growing and that Magento com the community continues to grow. So I sit on the membership community for the Magento association and we are always trying to get more and more members.

Brent: And I think one thing that a lot of event organizers have missed out on is just that promotion of the Magento association to all their members or to the people that are attending the events. What would you say to an event organizer the next time they put on event to try to get more people to join the Magento association?

Vijay: I would suggest like there should be an announcement from the Magento Association side also and setting the information periodically to the communities. Apart from that, even organizer also reach to be a team. And even like one event organizer can broadcast about the events and what is happening to their social media channels, like, Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.

Vijay: So that way it can spread to another part of the world easily because every country level Meet Magento events have their own set of users, or you can sell a subscriber. So that is the one thing. Second thing is as much advance even organizer will share about their events that is more helpful for the people to plan.

Vijay: If someone is coming from another country, then there are a different process, like a visa process. They have to plan their budget and all those things. So that is real helpful for them. 

Brent: what would you say to a new community member that they could expect at a Magento event?

Vijay: One thing, which I also always dream. And that is happening is that you see famous faces, which you always follow on the Twitter or on the, or what blogs and you get a chance to Meet them in person. Second thing is always something new knowledge setting session, networking through networking also, you can get a lots of new things, which you might not get even through the session. So that I would say to always a new community member. 

Brent: So at Meet Magento India, we might Meet Sachen du Akar, Anil Kubu congoli those type of famous cricket players. 

Vijay: Yes. Sure. Definitely. We can ask them to build their the website using Magento store and have the HofA team.

Vijay: So that way we can make a super fast website for them and we can sell all the cricket equipments over there. 

Brent: Okay, good. Let’s talk a little bit about Meet Magento New York. So I am making an effort here on this channel to promote the events and it’s. I just want to speak directly to the organizers of Meet Magento New York, that they should come onto this channel and promote their event.

Brent: This is a free way for the Magento community to promote their events and promote whatever they’re doing in the Magento community. I want the offer that as the channel I found it somewhat difficult sometimes to get people to promote their events. So what would you tell anybody at Meet Magento New York to encourage them to promote their event.

Vijay: So like specific to Meet Magento New York. So I have attended that in 2019, and I think that was one of the best after the Magento imagine you can say that a second. Like it, it was a mini imagine kind of event, always Meet Magento New York. And it is focused on a specific to Magento. And over there, I have seen a lot of like booths also. So you can get to know about the different services and products

Vijay: others I’ve started providing as well as there are different networking areas over there you can Meet to the other people and get to know with each other that. How, or what are the different things happening in the Magento world? 

Brent: I just spoke with the Magento partner yesterday asking, is it worth going to Meet Magento in New York?

Brent: And I would say yes. And I think in 2019, you and I both attended and the partner area was very busy. They had a very busy. Booth area Adobe was there promoting the Adobe commerce and even Magento U was there telling people 

Vijay: about how that’s so Magento? I, yeah, I saw that Magento U will have their own booth him saying about the training and certificate and how that can be helpful for the Magento community.

Brent: So really it’s a place where merchants can learn about some of the new Magento products, developers can learn about what are the new things that are happening within Magento and agencies can learn about networking with merchants and networking and finding developers, as well as learning all about the community and getting into the community.

Brent: Do you think other than just the commercial aspect, there’s a big community portion of Meet Magento in New York that needs to be promoted.

Vijay: We have seen that since last, maybe two or three years Magento Imagine isn’t happening. So there should be one place where the Magento communities should Meet. And this Meet Magento New York should be the best event for that right now, according to me.

Vijay: And apart from that for merchant or developers or solution partners, I would say other thing is it is about speaking at the US based event. So someone who do not have the speaking experience or someone wanted to share their knowledge and gain the experience that how you can share your knowledge.

Brent: So Vijay, how can event organizers Magento event organizers help to build community, especially for Meet Magento in New York? 

Vijay: Magento organizers from the other countries can also share about this event and if someone who has not visited any event in the us related to specific to Magento then this can be one event they can attend. For that, there are different ways they can share into their Magento groups, like through their contacts. So every, Meet Magento events organizer have their emails so they can send out the emails about sending the information they can share on the social media channels.

Vijay: Even if they have their own WhatsApp group or even a small Meetup groups, then they can say over there to make this community stronger. Because right now, If we have seen a lots of complaints that people are not gathering in the Magento community, or maybe other communities are growing, not a Magento communities growing.

Vijay: So everyone needs to step up and they have to go to the events. Then only this can be possible. Otherwise this can be again, remain as it is, but if we have to grow, then we have to step up, go to the event, Meet to the people and share about the Magento 

Brent: I think too, just as the Magento association there hasn’t been a large representation of the Magento association at these events yet, and I know that the pandemic happened, but what would you say to the Magento association to make sure that there’s a place or a space for them to speak at the event about the event.

Vijay: Yes. I agree with that, the Magento Association should have their specific slot where they can share about their upcoming plan. Maybe if they’re sharing in the specific country, then they have to share the plan country wise plan also. They in this country, this is our plan. About growing the Magento community, apart from that, all the upcoming events.

Vijay: So they can say about the other events, like the upcoming events are happening over there, then different committees, which are helping them to grow. Those also needs to be said. And last thing is, again, we have to come up together so over their Magento Association should lead that. And then everyone needs to follow them.

Brent: I think one thing you said earlier was about the smaller Meetups and how there has to be a, we, we say grassroots where there has to be an effort from the entire community to start building community and there’s other Meetups and other little events that happen where we can cross over and join some of those event.

Brent: so I think it’s a great idea for anybody who organizes an event or is part of the Magento community to invite other members of other communities to the Magento community and try some of these events. 

Brent: I’m gonna specifically say at Meet Magento New York, there should be a Magento Association booth with a number of Magento Association committee members.

Brent: And it’d be great to have some board members. To talk about the reasons that people should join the Magento association. 

Vijay: Yeah, I agree with that, I’m not sure about both or something because that is depend on the event organizer. Like how much space they have depend on the paid sponsors they have. So even another booth, but if there is one round table and over there also, if they just broadcast that we will be.

Vijay: Meet Magento New York and we can sell all your questions and board members as well as committee members, if they come to that event and they can share that how, if they will, every committee members and board members will come and they will interact one to one that how much efforts we are doing. To make it successful, make the Magento Association successful and growing and make the same status

Vijay: as we had two years back before pandemic, then we need to come together under one roof. 

Brent: Yeah, I know. Even at the last time I attended the Meet Megento Netherlands, I attended in 2019, they had some round tables, literally round tables with little plaque cards that. This is what I’m promoting or not promoting, but this is the community that I’m promoting.

Brent: And if you would like to come and talk to me, I’ll be at this place at this time. I think it’s a great idea that at Meet Magento New York, even if they have to put a table behind the men’s room door, you know, to the left of the men’s her door and people can come and talk to the Magento Association, there’s always gonna be some room.

Brent: To promote the Magento association and get member members to know why they should join. And we should be getting members to sign up and join at the event.

Vijay: Yeah. And I think there should be not any complaint about the membership fee because I don’t think so it’s too much high right now as compared to the other. Still different committees are saying that what you will get. So, if they will join, they will see that what will be the advantage, not a short term, but the long term advantage of having the paid membership.

Vijay: And if they explain a more, as we discussed earlier, like if there is a specific session where they can share in a detail also that this paid membership is not a short term where you are paying and what you’ll get, but it is about the long term where you can see that if you are a paid member, if you are supporting the so system, you’ll get something on behalf of that.

Vijay: Maybe after six months after one year, when community grow from, let’s say maybe one, hundred thousand member to 200, 200,000 member. At that time, you can see that you are interact with other community members, maybe a business setting. So if you are a solution partner or technology partner, then there me with chances of growing the business.

Vijay: If you are a merchant, then you’ll get to know about what are the different features you can use for your websites and how you can grow more sales. So, You can find a lot of advantage. And for that, maybe we can have a Magento Association session where they can share in a detail about the long term advantages of having a paid member.

Brent: Yeah, that’s a really good point. And I will today submit a talk on behalf of the Magento Association. To have a panel of people to talk about membership in the Magento association. That is a fantastic idea. Thank you for that. Vijay. So we have a couple minutes left here.

Brent: Tell us about some of the, some of the ways that people from other countries can help, can, should come to New York and, and some of the things that you do to prepare yourself, to travel to New York for Meet Magento New York. 

Vijay: Yeah. So if it is an individual or if you are a small company, then maybe.

Vijay: You need to plan advance that by just visiting a event, maybe not helpful for you. So you might plan to visit the multiple cities also to connect with your clients, or maybe like if you wanted to reach out or Meet with another agencies, then you can plan. I think for a us, maybe you need to plan at least two months by PR starting with a visa process.

Vijay: If you do not. If you have the visa still, I would suggest to select the two or three cities and plan for like eight to 10 days. So that is what right now I’m doing like I’m selecting the city, including the Minneapolis, where I can visit the Brent Peterson. And that way maybe, what you can do is then Meet with your old friends, Meet friends in the different cities, talk with your clients.

Vijay: That way you, even though in the same expenses, you can cover more because after pandemic, maybe you have not met with them for a long time, and this is a waste time and use, take advantage of having the event in that city and visit the different location of that specific country. 

Brent: That’s good. Yeah. I think there’s such an importance now of getting back and Meeting people in person and networking, getting to know that person other than

Brent: just on a video screen like we’re doing right now. I know you mentioned a little bit about hotels in New York and people should book now, right? Because it I’m sure it’s only gonna get more expensive. 

Vijay: Yes, that’s true. I’m already checking now nearby hotels with perfect in the budget.

Brent: did you check the Airbnb that’s under the bridge in central park? That was

Vijay: no, that was a joke. Okay. That was a. 

Brent: So I do wanna, I do wanna make sure that everybody can see my t-shirt that I have on today. It didn’t show up on the camera very well, but it says Meet Magento, India, Mumbai . And that is for those who don’t know where that is, that’s in India.

Brent: Did you know that Vijay Mumbai is in India? Yes. Oh, you knew that. Okay. Great. So Vijay any tips that you can give to any community members as we close out today? 

Vijay: So whatever nearby events you have, either it is a city level Meet, or it is a country level events. Please join that in person if possible, and try to invite the other people, either from the Magento community or from the other community.

Vijay: As Brent said earlier, that can help us to grow together. 

Brent: And if you are a person who’s interested in putting on a Meet Magento event, how do they get in touch with you for putting in that application? 

Vijay: There is on the Mato website, there is application form. So if you wanted to have events in your country, then you can submit that form.

Vijay: I think there is a one turnaround time around 30 days over there, we have monthly Meetings, so we can go through the applic. And then it goes to the board members. And then I think you can get an approval very soon that you can organize the event in your country. And then after we can connect you with the multiple organizers, so you can take a help from there that what are the preparations that you should do?

Brent: Great. And I, again, sit on the membership committee and if you would like to join and I would encourage everybody listening to join today. It’s $1 a month. It is not expensive and being part of the community is so important for $1 a month, you get to participate in this fantastic community and support the community.

Brent: There’s a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that cost money and honestly there’s not enough money to go around. There will be a budget that will be published at some point this year. I think people will see that the paid membership isn’t as big as people might think and $1 a month only helps to support us.

Brent: So I would, again, encourage you for $1 a month to go to Megento association.org/join, and you can join there. I would en again, encourage you to join as a paid member. Vijay. Thank you so much for being here today. It’s been such a pleasure to talk to you and I look forward to seeing you in New York city and talking more about the Magento association.

Vijay: Thank you. Yeah, bye

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