December 7, 2022

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Do you know the Six Key Areas of your Business with Matt Beecher

Who is Brent Peterson?
Brent is a serial entrepreneur and marketing professional with a passion for running. He co-founded Wagento and has a new adventure called ContentBasis. Brent is the host of the podcast Talk Commerce. He has run 25 marathons and one Ironman race. Brent has been married for 29 years. He was born in Montana, and attended the University of Minnesota and Birmingham University without ever getting his degree.

Entrepreneurs are aiming at a hundred different things at once. They’re scrambling to accomplish and grow their objectives, but they’re facing a lot of headwinds. And those headwinds come in the form of things like.

How do we prioritize what matters most?

How do we think about using data to manage our business, not just gut feel?

How do we think about the right people and the right seats and make sure that we have the right processes to get those people working effectively and that they’re an excellent match to our culture?

What is our culture?

How do we think about what our long-range vision is versus what we need to do this week, let alone this quarter?

And how do we think about financials versus strategic objectives?

All those things come together in the EOS model.

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