Welcome to Talk Commerce a Tech Edition Special. Where we talk about how merchants, agencies, and developers experience commerce. This week we interview Jisse Reitsma, with Yireo. We focus on developer training on React, Vue, or the new Magento Hyva Theme. We look at training from the Merchant, agency, and developer perspectives. Jisse gives us actionable feedback for training on what to ask as a developer, what an Agency should look for, and what a merchant should expect. Did you know that Jisse is an accomplished Pianist? (He plays Chopin!) We talk about how open source is not free and close it out with a little bit of Hyva and more pronunciations. Brent tries out his new portal podcasting system with mixed results. (Please send me your comments!) This episode was recorded on June 4th, 2021

Jisse Reitsma talk Hyva

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