voice commerce

Dick Polipnick

Is the Future V-Commerce? with Dick Polipnick

Imagine 10 years ago, you are standing in your kitchen and you say “Alexa order more dried lima beans”. I know what you are saying. Who eats lima beans? Would you have imagined then that this is a reality? Brent and Dick overview where the future of commerce is going. And it’s V but not virtual, that’s V for Voice Commerce. Will Siri get a commission on every dollar that gets sold? Join us for a great episode on marketing and where we are going in the future.


  • Dick Polipnick is the founder and CEO of Online Growth Systems, and competes competitively in parkour. He believes that the next iteration of commerce is V-Commerce or voice commerce.
  • Based on his research, Siri is going to integrate with commerce and speculates that they’re going to get a commission on every dollar that gets sold through Siri. Voice commerce is going to be big and, most importantly, a lot of Ecommerce companies have already seen traction in those areas. His suggestion? Optimize your current Ecommerce site to be integrated with voice buyers, This, combined with virtual and augmented reality, is going to be the future of commerce.
  • Brent mentions how coaching and business coaching can be done virtually and that the next thing coming from voice reality is voice commerce. Merchants worry about Alexa looking at the amazon store first and subsequently, all the rest of the list. The best way to optimize for SEO is to write it in a way that people would speak as well as ranking your keywords that are written the way people speak.
  • Dick recommends that Ecommerce companies consider subscriptions. Everybody is familiar with dollar shave club, and that’s a company that’s competing for a commodity, it’s disposable, and your lifetime value is greater. Dick mentions that you can put a unique spin on this and make an e-commerce brand or Ecommerce company with a monthly subscription. Part of the value is that you know what you’re going to get every month.
  • The Future of Commerce is Voice