Talk Commerce - Cody Wittick

Influencer marketing with Cody Wittick

Have you thought about an influencer for your brand? What does it mean to have an influencer and how do you pay them? (If anything?) Cody Wittock helps us understand how influencers can help you in your business and how important they are to build your brand.

Dick Polipnick

Is the Future V-Commerce? with Dick Polipnick

Imagine 10 years ago, you are standing in your kitchen and you say “Alexa order more dried lima beans”. I know what you are saying. Who eats lima beans? Would you have imagined then that this is a reality? Brent and Dick overview where the future of commerce is going. And it’s V but not virtual, that’s V for Voice Commerce.

Sander Mangel

Commerce is Custom

Have you ever wanted to do something out of the ordinary in your Shopify store and then found a small application to do it? When you use SaaS, you don’t own or control any third-party code, and you depend on a small army of developers to host and maintain all your applications on Shopify.

Rick West

B2B Product Led Marketplace

Your traditional B2B marketplace is going to take you to a connector to have two or three other phone calls, two or three other meetings. Field Agent can take you right to check out. By the time you check out two or three minutes later in near real-time, you’re getting data and results coming back your way.

Building a Customer Centric Culture

Store owners want to get from out of their e-commerce business. Real conversations happen when a customer-centric culture is a prime focus. Wheater you are a merchant or warehouse distributor, or a manufacturer looking for digital commerce. You should look at your tech partner, either agency or the solution integrator, and make sure they understand the business aspects and the workflow of your industry.

Bart Mroz

A Marketplace in the Cloud

The marketplace model is getting more popular and platforms to choose from are growing every day. Bart Mroz of SUMO Heavy talks about his experience as an agency and how he has helped medium and large merchants create their own marketplaces. We discuss the differences between Magento and Shopify.

Shannon Lohr

Where was your shirt made?

Are your clothes made where you live? Where does the cloth come from? Shannon and I dive into some of the sustainability questions that you should ask when starting a clothing business


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