Ecommerce in India with Swapnil Ghone

The Indian Ecommerce market is progressing rapidly and merchants and agencies need to recognize its importance. Swapnil Ghone talks about his experience in the Indian market and we discuss some of the companies that are already succeeding. Swapnil has nearly 20 years of experience in Sales/ Business Development/ Account Management, Project Management, Operations, Training, and Customer Services in the Indian Ecommerce space.

Ecommerce in India has exploded in India since the pandemic. The merchants who had already understood the importance of technology have done really well. They have mostly scaled up well and grew their businesses in a very short period of time. An example is a delivery platform called Dunzo, which delivers groceries and essentials from local stores. They had already been using technology and grew overnight based on demand when India shut down. Dunzo supports small local stores and kept a lot of small shops going. About 40% of merchants have really embraced Ecommerce but that means about 60% of merchants still have not caught up. Some of the challenge is simply getting a small merchant to be forward thinking enough to understand how technology is changing commerce and educating them on how they can enhance their business.

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