March 28, 2023

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Making a business transformation with Henry Daas

Who is Brent Peterson?
Brent is a serial entrepreneur and marketing professional with a passion for running. He co-founded Wagento and has a new adventure called ContentBasis. Brent is the host of the podcast Talk Commerce. He has run 25 marathons and one Ironman race. Brent has been married for 29 years. He was born in Montana, and attended the University of Minnesota and Birmingham University without ever getting his degree.

Coaches are a dime-a-dozen, right? Maybe so. Maybe not. Perhaps you’ve never taken the plunge and experienced the transformation, Or you did and thought, meh. Been there. Was it YOU who went wrong? Maybe. Maybe not.

Henry Daas talks about his book FQ: Financial Intelligence as well as some of the highlights of the importance of having a business coach for entrepreneurs.

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