Leslie Kuster talks about her new book “Money and Freedom Seven Master Keys to a seven-figures for women entrepreneurs”. We talk about some of the points from the book that helps people achieve their goals. The way to be successful in e-commerce is to know who you are serving. Leslie mentions that Amazon is a phenomenal platform for businesses and anybody who wants to start an e-commerce business really needs to be selling on amazon.


  • Leslie and Brent discuss being an entrepreneur. Leslie notes that you need to have a desire to be an entrepreneur and not be dependent on getting a job. Leslie says she started her journey 30 years ago when she didn’t want to get a job.
  • Leslie notes that she wasn’t a successful entrepreneur until the last eight to nine years. Leslie notes that the purpose of her book is to help other women entrepreneurs.
  • Leslie says the first and most important key is that you need to want it. Brent mentions another entrepreneur he spoke with, who turned down a six-figure job to pursue her passion.
  • Leslie notes that if you have any passion or desire to be doing something other than what you’re doing right now, it’s important to follow that. Leslie says it has to be like you human beings, they don’t jump off cliffs unless they’re really forced, they do not leave comfortable situations, and they don’t leave comfortable relationships. Leslie notes that if you’re too comfortable, you’re not going to do anything.
  • Leslie says she’s wanted to return to the USA for several years, but her husband had a job and he works for a company. Leslie notes that it’s not so comfortable to do these things and it’s not so comfortable that they rented out or their apartment in Zurich. 
  • Brent notes that as an entrepreneur, having faith and knowledge that work will yield some results. Brent talks about how complacency is easy to be complacent in a job where your paycheck isn’t always tied to the fact that you have a new idea or want to make something better.
  • Leslie notes that this is a limited mindset issue that is keeping women small and keeping them from playing big. Leslie mentions that it’s very important that women look at their belief systems around money. Leslie talks about how in order for women to step into power, they need to create money.
  • Leslie discusses that she traveled for seven months, bought teak handicraft in Bali, went back to New York, and started selling it at street markets. Leslie talks about how Amazon started FBA fulfillment and how that has benefited her business. 
  • Leslie notes that they manufacture women’s mostly resort relaxed, colorful clothing from Bali, and sell it on their website and on Amazon. Leslie talks about how there are 200 million more people looking on Amazon than on their own websites. Leslie mentions that Amazon is a phenomenal platform for businesses and anybody who wants to start an e-commerce business really needs to be selling on amazon.
  • Brent says Amazon will sometimes take a really good idea and start sourcing that directly. Leslie talks about how you have to be branded and get a brand registry.
  • Leslie notes that the way to be successful in e-commerce is to know who you are serving.
  • Brent says the branding part of it is the key, and it helps to build you out in big box stores.
  • Leslie notes that first of all, you need to have your why you’re about to step into this world. Leslie mentions that the next step is to create content that would serve that person. Leslie says one mistake people make is not going to Amazon and brainstorming on Amazon. Leslie notes that the best way to find products is to read reviews.
  • Leslie mentions that make sure they have an online bookkeeping system. Leslie notes that they need to know their numbers and get intimate with them. Leslie says part of that is measuring and knowing where traffic is coming from.
  • Leslie notes that to find a bookkeeper that knows a system called profit first. Leslie says they’ve written a book called Money and Freedom, Seven Keys to Seven Figures, and it will be coming out soon. Leslie notes that go to their website and get access to a video that says three things to do before 9:00 am to make seven figures.

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