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Sander Mangel

Commerce running, talking geek

Have you ever wanted to do something out of the ordinary in your Shopify store and then found a small application to do it? When you use SaaS, you don’t own or control any third-party code, and you depend on a small army of developers to host and maintain all your applications on Shopify. Sander helps us understand the benefits of a hosted solution and how Shopware will help merchants run their store more effectively and less expensive than a SaaS-based solution. He talks about “Flow Builder,” which lets merchants customize specific workflows on their system without needing a developer or a third-party application. We talk about how easy Shopware is to start developing for a developer and how the tech stack is “Developer Friendly.”

Sander gives us some 2022 tips for merchants. Tell your story, make sure you have robust product information, own your customer relationship and make videos! If you can’t make all your videos, encourage your customers to make them for you. We finish with ShopwareUnited.com, a global community for Shopware users.

Sander Mangel is a Solutions Architect on the Global Market Development Team for Shopware

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