Day: January 17, 2023

Talk-Commerce-Emily Miethner

Traveling with Cats with Emily Miethner

Have you seen pets on planes? Are you creating connections between your customers? Today we interview Emily Miethner, who is the founder of Travel with Cats.

Emily has built a brand around traveling with cats and a community around cat travel. Emily talks about the ladder of engagement. It doesn’t stop at the sale. She cares about her customers and constantly improves her products to meet her customer’s needs. She started a Travel Cat Summit focused on cat topics, including how to grow your cat’s Instagram account.

Why Empathy in Leadership Matters

Why Empathy in Leadership Matters – 6 Reasons

To be a good leader, it’s crucial to have empathy for your team members and the work that they do. Yet, many leaders lack this skill, and organizations suffer because of it.