Ivonne Rohner

CoachTech Summit | Augmented Reality and Virtual Coaching with Ivonne Rohner

This week we interview Ivonne Rohner with CoachTech Summit. We talk about all things Augmented Reality and how AR can help entrepreneurs in their growth through Virtual Coaching. Learn how you can blend Virtual Reality and coaching and we talk about the XR BootCamp which is one of the well-known virtual boot camps for Virtual Reality.

Using Augmented Reality and Virtual Coaching, Ivonne helps leaders get the most out of the available technology and shape an empathetic virtual atmosphere where people can deliver their best because they feel seen. She works with corporate incubator teams/rocket labs and startups or to create structure and employee engagement in corporations and mid-size companies.

The Art of Ecommerce Debugging with Joseph Maxwell

This week we interview Joseph Maxwell and discuss his new book, “The Art of Ecommerce Debugging” The video version of the podcast includes an exclusive unboxing of the book. Joseph goes over his motivation for writing this book and how it will help developers be better developers!

Joseph discusses the mindset of resolving problems. We go over TAD (You can listen to know what that means). We talk about work-life balance and how Joseph handles this. We talk about documenting your code. Joseph gives his top 5 things developers should do. (Hint number one is XDebug). The one thing to double your productivity is XDEBUG! Joseph talks about Magento certifications and why this is so important. Why NOT get certified?

Joseph Maxwell: The are of Ecommerce Debugging

This episode was recorded on July 30th, 2021

Joseph Maxwell | Developer Training and Education

Welcome to this episode of Talk Commerce, where we explore how merchants, agencies, and developers experience commerce. This week we interview Joseph Maxwell with Swiftotter. We discuss how important it is for a developer to get a certification on an Adobe product. We discuss how everyone on a team should have a certification or accreditation on one Adobe Product. We talk about how agencies need developers to get certified and how merchants need to make sure their agency has certified developers. Joseph introduces his new book “The Art of Ecommerce Debugging” This episode was recorded on May 12th, 2021

Joseph Maxwell talks about developer education

Tadhg Bowe | Magento Solutions Specialists

Welcome to Talk Commerce. Where we talk about how merchants, agencies, and developers experience commerce. This week we interview Tadhg (Tige), Bowe, with Monsoon Consulting. We discuss Magento and the community. Tadhg pronounces Hyva in a different way. We have some notable Irish quotes and a good bit of Craic (That’s fun in Irish) This episode was recorded on May 26th, 2021

Tadhg Bowe talks about Solutions in Magento

Jisse Reitsma | Training on PWA, Vue and Hyva – Tech Edition

Welcome to Talk Commerce a Tech Edition Special. Where we talk about how merchants, agencies, and developers experience commerce. This week we interview Jisse Reitsma, with Yireo. We focus on developer training on React, Vue, or the new Magento Hyva Theme. We look at training from the Merchant, agency, and developer perspectives. Jisse gives us actionable feedback for training on what to ask as a developer, what an Agency should look for, and what a merchant should expect. Did you know that Jisse is an accomplished Pianist? (He plays Chopin!) We talk about how open source is not free and close it out with a little bit of Hyva and more pronunciations. Brent tries out his new portal podcasting system with mixed results. (Please send me your comments!) This episode was recorded on June 4th, 2021

Jisse Reitsma talk Hyva

Deryck Harlick | Adobe Digital Learning Services

Deryck and Brent talk about Adobe Digital Learning Services and how important it is for the merchant to learn how to run their ecommerce store. Deryck makes an attempt and coming up with the theme tune for Talk Commerce. Action-packed Episode!