JAMBAR: A Delicious Harmony of Taste, Quality, and Community

JAMBAR, the artisan-made organic energy bar company founded by PowerBar® co-founder Jennifer Maxwell, expands its reach to select Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California, Southern California, and Hawaii.

Retail executives network and collaborate at eTail's 25th Anniversary Conference

eTail Expands U.S. Production Team, Propelling Next Phase of Growth

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) has expanded its U.S. production team for eTail, promoting Kristin Schoenstein to eTail Chief of Staff and Elizabeth Robillard to eTail Portfolio Director. Leucepe (Leo) Martinez also joins the eTail Palm Springs team, bringing international perspective from eTail Toronto and London.

AI-powered product discovery transforming ecommerce in EMEA

Constructor Experiences Rapid Growth in EMEA: Driving Ecommerce Success with AI Product Discovery

Constructor, the leading AI-powered product discovery and search platform, announces rapid growth and momentum in EMEA, helping ecommerce companies improve product discovery with personalized AI solutions.

Honolulu Cookie Company’s Ube seasonal flavor cookie

Honolulu Cookie Company Serves Up Sweetness with New Ube Flavor

Cookie Company is thrilled to unveil its latest seasonal offering – the captivating Ube flavor. This vibrant purple yam-inspired cookie is poised to delight taste buds and transport island enthusiasts to the tropical shores of Hawaii.

Anthropos empowers companies to build future-ready workforces through AI-driven skills development and employee growth.

Anthropos Secures $2.7M to Empower Companies in Building Future-Ready Workforces with AI

Anthropos, a startup with offices in the US and Switzerland, has raised $2.7M to revolutionize the way companies help employees evolve their skill sets in line with business needs while improving retention.

Expensify Launches Unlimited Virtual Cards, Empowering Businesses with Enhanced Spend Management

Expensify has launched unlimited virtual cards, empowering businesses with enhanced spend management capabilities. The new feature offers fixed and monthly spend limits, customizable card names, and seamless integration into the Expensify platform.


What is the Difference? Cricket Flour vs. Acheta Flour

Cricket flour and acheta flour have emerged as intriguing options for sustainable and nutritious alternative protein sources. While often used interchangeably, this article explores the differences between these insect-based flours.


10 Compelling Reasons to Incorporate Cricket Flour into Your Diet

Cricket flour offers a multitude of benefits, from its high-quality protein content to its sustainable and environmentally friendly production process. Try cricket flour today and experience the benefits for yourself!

Amplifier Security's AI-powered security copilot guiding an employee through security protocols.

[NEWS] Amplifier Security: Bridging the Workforce-Security Divide with AI

Amplifier Security launches from stealth with $3.3M funding to bridge the divide between the workforce and security using AI-powered automation and a human-centric approach.

The Protein Pantry: Cricket Flour & Cricket Powder

Cricket Flour vs. Cricket Powder Explained

The nuances between cricket flour and cricket powder, and uncover which term best suits your culinary and nutritional endeavors.