Month: May 2021

Mark Lewis about Shopify

Welcome to Episode 12 of Talk Commerce. We connect the dots in your commerce experience between the developer, agency, and merchant. We interview Mark Lewis from Netalico (Not Metalica). We discuss Shopify, SaaS Platforms in general, and lots of great conversations around how Magento and Shopify can work for certain clients. We also talk about how Netalico sounds a lot like Metalica.

Mark Lewis and Shopify

Miguel Balparda | Magento Development Environments – Tech Edition

Welcome to Episode 11 of Talk Commerce, a Tech edition special. These episodes are focused on commercial development and will have content relevant to the merchant. We interview Miguel Balparda from Nexcess, An Magento hosting company. We talk about Magento development environments and how it is moving to the cloud. The interview takes place from the Minneapolis / Saint Paul Airport.

Magento Development with Miguel Balparda
Ray Bogman

Ray Bogman | Adobe Professional Services

Welcome to Episode 10 of Talk Commerce. We talk about the immersive commerce experience for the developer, agency, and merchant. We interview Ray Bogman from Adobe. We discuss Adobe Professional services and why every agency and merchant should use them. We make plans for an epic bike trip at the 2022 Adobe Summit from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas.

VTEX in Mexico and Latin America with Japhet Pérez Atristain

We interview Japhet Pérez Atristain from, an Agency in Mexico. We discuss VTEX and how it has grown in LATIN America. We also reminisce on Mage Titans and the first one that was hosted in Mexico City in 2017.

Let’s talk about VTEX in Mexico

PWA Studio | Disney Hackathon with Lars Röttig – Tech Edition

Episode Summary

The Special Tech Edition of Talk Commerce includes PWA studio and Lars Rottig’s insights. We also talk about the upcoming Adobe Hackathon in Disney World!

Magento PWA Studio

Episode Notes

Adobe Firefly project!AdobeDocs/project-firefly/master/overview/

Adobe IO

Lars Blog


Hyva theme with John Hughes

Welcome to Episode 7 of Talk Commerce, where we talk about commerce in this new digital world and how it touches the merchant, consumer, and agency. We interview John Hughes this week with Fisheye, A Magento-only agency in the UK (Not many of them left!) We cover Hyva and his recent blog post. We also talk about the Magento community and how it is rallying behind the new theme.

How do you say HYVA?

Barnet Hellman | S.W.A.T | Magento System-Wide Analysis Tool

We interview Barnet Hellman this week who was the inspiration and main driver for the SWAT tool on Magento cloud (Now Adobe Commerce Cloud). SWAT doesn’t mean the hit 1970’s TV show, but rather System-Wide Analysis Tool.

Brent and Barnet talk about SWAT

Learn how Adobe Commerce and Akeneo Product Cloud complement each other.

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