February 8, 2023

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Yoav Kutner | Oro Commerce

Yoav Kutner | Oro Commerce

We talk about Oro Commerce and why it makes sense for a B2B company to use this platform. Yoav gives us some insight into his thinking on self-serve platforms and how to reduce any resistance to the B2B buyer journey. We discuss how different the...

Neil Twa

Amazon FBA and starting a business

This week we interview Neil Twa. Neil is an executive mentor to business owners responsible for over $100M in Collective FBA Sales. He has helped to launch, grow, and scale 7 and 8 figure, high ROI Brands. He is the CEO of Voltage Holdings which...

Adobe Commerce and AWS

Wagento was successful in launching more than 200 stores on AWS and Magento. Kenny Rajan - AWS Senior Solutions Architect runs us through the benefits of AWS and why you should host your Magento store on the AWS Platform.

WordPress and AWS

This week we start a series of interviews on Amazon Web Services and how it has helped merchants and content providers save money and increase performance by using Amazon Web Services.

Joseph Leedy | Magento Extensions

Joseph helps us understand why merchants need to take some extra time to vet any new extension they install on their website and developers need to be prepared to ask questions on why the extension needs to be installed. We discuss the Magento...