Month: August 2021

Yoav Kutner | Oro Commerce

Yoav Kutner | Oro Commerce

This week we interview Yoav Kutner. The co-founder of Varien, Magento, Akeneo, MageCore, and Oro Commerce. (What didn’t he found!)

He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council. We talk about the early history of Magento and go into the Oro Business Application Program. The BAP that Yoav developed is the foundation for many solutions on the market today. These include Oro CRM and Akeneo.

We talk about Oro Commerce and why it makes sense for a B2B company to use this platform. Yoav gives us some insight into his thinking on self-serve platforms and how to reduce any resistance to the B2B buyer journey. We discuss how different the journey is for B2B. Yoav gives us the three driving factors that ORO delivers.

This is a great episode and must be shared with all your friends and family. Even your grandparents will love this show.

This episode was recorded on August 13th, 2021

Neil Twa

Amazon FBA and starting a business

This week we interview Neil Twa. Neil is an executive mentor to business owners responsible for over $100M in Collective FBA Sales. He has helped to launch, grow, and scale 7 and 8 figure, high ROI Brands. He is the CEO of Voltage Holdings which launches, operates, scales, and acquires ecommerce brands with a focus on Amazon FBA. He owns multiple ventures including Voltage Portfolios. His partners include Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the hit TV series Shark Tank and the inventor of the infomercial. He has sold 1000’s of products leading to over $5 Billion in sales. He focuses’ on buying ecommerce brands to take them direct-to-consumer across multiple channels. We discuss how you can get started on a new business selling on Amazon, with little to no experience, and how you can take your existing business to Amazon FBA and automate the delivery of your products. This is a great conversation around why a business needs to embrace all channels and even why a business needs to sell some branded products!

The Art of Ecommerce Debugging with Joseph Maxwell

This week we interview Joseph Maxwell and discuss his new book, “The Art of Ecommerce Debugging” The video version of the podcast includes an exclusive unboxing of the book. Joseph goes over his motivation for writing this book and how it will help developers be better developers!

Joseph discusses the mindset of resolving problems. We go over TAD (You can listen to know what that means). We talk about work-life balance and how Joseph handles this. We talk about documenting your code. Joseph gives his top 5 things developers should do. (Hint number one is XDebug). The one thing to double your productivity is XDEBUG! Joseph talks about Magento certifications and why this is so important. Why NOT get certified?

Joseph Maxwell: The are of Ecommerce Debugging

This episode was recorded on July 30th, 2021

Adobe Commerce and AWS

This week we host a panel with Amazon Web Services and Wagento on how Wagento was successful in launching more than 200 stores on AWS and Magento. Kenny Rajan – AWS Senior Solutions Architect runs us through the benefits of AWS and why you should host your Magento store on the AWS Platform.

Brent walks us through the solution that was brought to Universal Music Group to help launch 200 Magento stores in a short amount of time. If you are listening to the podcast, you can find the slides on the website at

This episode was recorded on July 7th, 2021

Hyva themes fast time to market

How Hyva can Reduce Your Time to Market on Magento by 75%

This week we interview Monika Milewska and Antoni Paszkow (who is no stranger to the subject of self-defense).

They are with the Magento development company Magently in Poland. We discuss their recent store launch of on the Hyva theme. We learned that the time to develop the new theme in Hyva was half that of a new theme in the Blank theme during their Magento1 to Magento2 migration.

Antoni shares his developer experience, and Monika gives us some great performance numbers. They started with a score of 10 on Mobile and ended up with a score of 97!

What is Hyva?

Hyvä comes from the Finnish language and literally means “good”. But also “desirable” and “advisable”. Here’s how it’s pronounced.

We didn’t name our company Hyvä because we think we are that good, it has an intrinsic meaning that’s embedded into our work. We set out to build the best Magento products we possibly can. We want to build products that are really really good. “Said Willem Wigman Founder and creator of Hyvä Themes.”

Our products bring value to merchants, developers, agencies, and ultimately: end-users for your Magento-based website.

How Hyva reduces the time to market

By reducing the amount of Javascript on the site and simplifying the frontend development process, Hyva can reduce your time to market by 4-5 times. This allows developers to use the tools they need on the pages they need them rather than making every page use every tool every time.

This not only increases the performance of the developer, but it also increases the performance of the website dramatically!

Why Magento needs a new theme

The original Magento 2 theme was developed in the early 2010s and has not been updated from a framework/technical standpoint since the launch of Magento 2 in late 2015. In the last 5-6 years the technology and shifted and improved and Magento has not followed. In addition, Adobe Commerce is now focusing all its efforts on the Progressive Web App Studio. This means that the base theme is only getting security updates. The default, out-of-the-box Magento theme is sadly fallen by the wayside and will not be enhanced or upgraded.

Some highlights are as follows:

  • Reduced Complexity. Hyvä Magento 2 themes are powerful and feature-rich but yet simple. Reduced complexity is the number one principle they incorporate.  
  • Enhanced Performance. E-commerce shoppers never forget slow websites. Therefore, fast-working web pages are another goal hidden behind all Hyvä products. To achieve it, these Magento 2 themes incorporate the principle of enhanced performance and increased efficiency. 
  • Improved Developer Experience. A developer-friendly work-environment is also among the benefits of Hyvä Magento 2 themes. 
  • Improved Development Velocity. Reduced complexity multiplied by good work conditions let your coders implement and customize Hyvä Magento 2 themes much faster than other similar solutions. As a result, you reduce average time-to-market metrics and costs.
  • Reduced Dependencies. As we’ve just mentioned above, Hyvä Magento 2 themes contain only two dependencies. Thus, they are way more reliable than most alternative solutions.
  • Reduced Learning Curve. All the principles mentioned above let you reduce the learning curve necessary to master Hyvä Magento 2 themes. It won’t take much time until you become a specialist in the Hyvä Magento 2 themes development

You can learn more about developing on the Hyva theme here at Rock Technolabs.

Eric Landmann | B2B commerce

Welcome to Talk Commerce. Where we explore how merchants, agencies, and developers experience commerce and the ecosystems, and communities they work and live in.

This week we interview Eric Landmann with Earthling Interactive. We kick off with how merchants are using eCommerce platforms and look especially at B2B and how B2B merchants are utilizing their catalogs. You may be surprised where they are missing out. We look at some specific features for B2B and touch on Adobe Commerce and Oro Commerce. We talk about the shifting platform landscape and look at SaaS verse on-prem. We learn that Eric is an avid ice climber and lives in Bozeman Montana!

This episode was recorded on June 16th, 2021

WordPress and AWS

This week we start a series of interviews on Amazon Web Services and how it has helped merchants and content providers save money and increase performance by using Amazon Web Services.

I am interviewing David Arago and we are featuring these bonus episodes from different brewpubs. This brings out an honest conversation on moving to the cloud and you will hear how cloud services will save time, money and add tons of flexibility! I am using a new ZoomP4 recording device and this was my first time using it. I did not bring a change of batteries. It did not change the quality of the recording, but it did allow us to go out, get batteries and get a second beer.

I am currently looking for subject matter experts in this field to talk about different aspects of AWS. Please go to and start a conversation! This episode was recorded on August 6th, 2021

Joseph Leedy | Magento Extensions

Welcome to this special tech edition of Talk Commerce, where we explore how merchants, agencies, and developers experience commerce and the communities they work and live in.

This week we interview Joseph Leedy with Wagento Creative. We Discuss Magento extensions and integrations and look at the difference between the two. Joseph helps us understand why merchants need to take some extra time to vet any new extension they install on their website and developers need to be prepared to ask questions on why the extension needs to be installed. We discuss the Magento marketplace and why it is a good place for merchants to look for extensions. Joseph fills us in on what he is working on now and what interesting extensions he worked on in the past. We discuss our Unconference in Orlando Florida in January of 2022 and why Merchants and developers should attend. Joseph Leedy is a Magento developer and certified developer for Wagento Creative, an Adobe Gold Partner. This episode was recorded on July 14th, 2021

Getting started with Amazon Web Services

This is another bonus episode on our series of interviews on Amazon Web Services and how it has helped merchants and content providers save money and increase performance.

I interview David Arago and Jason Camp on getting started on AWS and what technicians and merchants can do to start off on the right foot (or server).

I am currently looking for subject matter experts in this field to talk about different aspects of AWS. Please go to and start a conversation!

This episode was recorded on August 11th, 2021

Tyler Jensen | Hyva Theme