Akeneo’s AI-Powered Revolution: Reinventing Product Experience

Partnering with Google Cloud to Enhance Commerce Through Innovation

Akeneo, a pioneer in product experience (PX) and Product Information Management (PIM), has joined forces with Google Cloud to accelerate its AI capabilities and transform the product experience. This strategic partnership leverages the power of Google Cloud’s AI solutions, including Vertex AI and large language models like Gemini.

Enhancing the Shopping Experience with Vertex AI

Akeneo will leverage Vertex AI to automate multilingual product descriptions and seamlessly integrate image and video streams into product information. This will empower manufacturers, brands, and retailers to create more relevant and informative content for their customers.

Building a Center of Excellence: Driving Innovation with AI

Akeneo and Google Cloud are establishing a dedicated AI center of excellence, drawing upon Unifai’s expertise in product experience and Google Cloud’s AI solutions. This center will spearhead research, develop best practices, and foster innovation in the product experience industry.

Empowering Businesses with AI-Optimized Solutions

Kristin Naragon, Chief Strategy Officer at Akeneo, expressed, “With Google Cloud’s AI expertise, we aim to elevate the product experience, streamline the customer journey, and reshape the PIM industry.”

Google Cloud’s Commitment to Innovation

Isabelle Fraine, Managing Director France at Google Cloud, stated, “Our AI technology will enable Akeneo to not only accelerate its innovation but also redefine the product experience industry, delivering enhanced customer experiences.”

Shaping the Future of Commerce

Akeneo’s partnership with Google Cloud is a testament to the transformative power of AI in enhancing commerce. By empowering businesses with AI-driven solutions, Akeneo and Google Cloud are paving the way for a seamless and engaging product experience that benefits both enterprises and consumers.


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