BigCommerce reveals its integration with Amazon Buy with Prime service.

BigCommerce has unveiled the Buy with Prime application for their ecommerce platform, which promises to increase conversions by 25% on average. This development with Amazon eliminates the need for coding, allowing US-based merchants to offer the Prime delivery promise to their shoppers.

Shopping benefits such as fast and free shipping are also included, and the app is set to launch in the first quarter of 2023. The app will enable merchants to display the Prime badge and delivery promise on their storefronts, offer a streamlined checkout experience, and provide post-purchase customer service for their shoppers.

Additionally, the application will allow merchants to manage their product catalogs and sales data in the BigCommerce control panel.

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Amazon Buy with Prime is an ecommerce service integration that enables merchants to add the “Buy with Prime” logo and delivery promise to their existing site, providing shoppers with the trust of Prime and fast, free delivery. It also allows Amazon to layer on further services over time and is available without any upfront cost. According to internal Amazon data, Buy with Prime has been shown to increase shopper conversion by 25% on average.

It is easy to integrate Buy with Prime onto an ecommerce platform. The service can be added in four steps, and merchants can use their existing inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers to fulfill Buy with Prime orders. Additionally, Amazon offers marketing solutions designed to help merchants reach more engaged Amazon shoppers and increase purchase confidence, with authentic reviews from Amazon on products that offer Buy with Prime.

Overall, Amazon Buy with Prime is an effective service for ecommerce platforms. By integrating the service, merchants can attract Amazon shoppers, engage them with the trust of Prime, and convert more shoppers with fast, free delivery. Furthermore, they can gain access to marketing solutions designed to help them reach more Amazon shoppers and improve their brand’s credibility with customers. With so many competitively priced products, a powerful recommendation engine, and a one-click “Buy Now” option, Amazon Buy with Prime offers a familiar and trusted shopping experience and is a great way for merchants to grow their business.

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