Day 2 Amplification: Conquering the Marketing Landscape at InBound 2023

Welcome to the Second Act of InBound 2023

With a grand opening on Day 1, we eagerly embarked on Day 2 of HubSpot’s InBound 2023, equipped with a spark of optimism and an appetite for discovery. Packed with enlightening sessions from industry experts and opportunities for deep professional introspection, Day 2 delivered an even higher degree of immersion into the exciting marketing world.

Galvanizing Keynotes

Stepping away from the quintessential business personas, Day 2’s keynote speaker was Derek Jeter. While an intriguing choice, Jeter’s presence added a unique flair, reminding the audience of a universally applicable truth: everyone fails.

The key isn’t to avoid failure but to find a constructive angle. His perspective set the tone for the day – embracing challenges as opportunities for growth. If we carry this mindset in our marketing efforts, there’s no stopping the success we can achieve.

Dive into LinkedIn Sessions

One consistent thread weaving through the discussions of Day 2 was the sheer potential of LinkedIn as a vital B2B marketing tool. Equal parts informative and intellectually stimulating, the day summoned marketers to tap into the vast potential of this professional networking platform.

In-Depth Sessions: A Festival of Insights

Day 2 glimmered with presentations and workshops stuffed with marketing nuggets:

  • ‘The CMO Scorecard: The 3 Components of Performance Branding’ offered a fresh vantage point on advertising strategies. It emphasized the importance of steady, year-long advertising efforts and spotlighted the critical role of brand building.
  • ‘Sales Navigator Best Practice Talk’ delivered by LinkedIn’s Head of Customer Success, Shane Hughes, provided sales reps valuable insights. Recommendations included focusing on the top accounts, leveraging filters to discover ideal customer profiles, and engaging strategically with leads not recorded in the CRM.

Starting in AI before you knew it was AI

The ‘Deconstructing Generative Text AI’ with Kate Bradly session was a meandering journey into the promising realm of AI’s influence on text generation. Live tweeting the session only enhanced this engaging experience. (See my Tweets on the subject.)

Exploring Networking Alleys

Though chock-full days limit networking opportunities, they do underline its relevance. With Day 3 on the horizon, it was clear that networking would be integral to a more enriching InBound experience.

What was new, and why I couldn’t see it?

One problem that Inbound has had throughout is the sessions being back to back and then the inability to get a seat at the next session—case in point: ChatSpot. I wanted to see the product demo, but it was impossible, as you can see from the picture!

Day 3: What Lies Ahead?

Day 2, with all its insights and interactions, piqued my curiosity regarding what Day 3 holds. Specifically, I aimed to attend the ChatSpot session that I narrowly missed, further demonstrating the importance of informed planning.

Spotlight: An Unconventional End to Day 2

The inimitable Andrew Huberman graced the stage with his talk ‘Fueling Focus and Creativity.’ Exploring the symbiosis of intense focus, mindfulness, and the importance of rest, his ideas brought insights into how marketers can stimulate creativity and fortify team culture—the day wrapped up on a high note with the hilarious performance by comedian John Mulaney, who masterfully tied together the excitement and learnings from Day 2.

Curtain Down on Day 2

From inspiring speeches to immersive sessions, Day 2 of InBound 2023 explored the dynamics of marketing, the complexities of decision-making, and the importance of persistence. Armed with these insights, we march to Day 3, ready to unveil even more aspects of this intriguing journey.


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