Constructor Experiences Rapid Growth in EMEA: Driving Ecommerce Success with AI Product Discovery

June 4, 2024 — Barcelona — In a pivotal move that underscores the transformative power of AI in ecommerce, Constructor — the preeminent AI-powered product discovery and search platform for enterprise ecommerce companies — today unveiled its noteworthy growth trajectory across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). As more ecommerce companies in the region harness Constructor’s capabilities, they’re witnessing tangible enhancements in engagement, conversions, and revenue.

Pioneering Personalized Product Discovery
Constructor’s avant-garde, AI-based platform is revolutionizing how leading ecommerce brands in EMEA, including Birkenstock, Under Armour, Monica Vinader, Very, home24, and many others, create personalized, revenue-generating experiences throughout the buyer journey. By leveraging Constructor’s award-winning technology, these companies are optimizing search results, browse experiences, product recommendations, and landing pages to deliver unparalleled customer experiences.

UK-based online retailer Very, which went live with Constructor in early 2024, employs the platform to power search, browse, and Collections pages for more than 1 million daily site visitors. “At Very, we’re relentlessly pursuing ways to elevate customer experiences,” said Paul Hornby, digital customer experience director at The Very Group. “Constructor has enabled us to deliver more personalized search results that intuitively align with each customer’s unique preferences, guiding them to discover exceptional products.”

Expanding EMEA Presence and Expertise
Since 2022, Constructor has witnessed a remarkable tripling of its revenue in EMEA. To better support its growing regional customer base, the company has actively expanded its team in EMEA, with a 133% increase in customer-facing headcount since the beginning of 2024.

Leading this expansion is Bernd Maehrlein, who has been appointed as Constructor’s vice president of EMEA. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, Maehrlein brings a wealth of experience in successfully building and expanding U.S. startups and scale-ups in the region. His expertise spans across notable companies such as Lacework, Cybereason, MongoDB, SAP, and Intralinks.

“Working at Constructor is incredibly gratifying, as our customers are as passionate about our product as we are,” Maehrlein shared. “Constructor’s highly differentiated technology and satisfied customers, who are achieving incredible results, were key factors that drew me to the company.”

Constructor CEO Eli Finkelshteyn expressed enthusiasm about Maehrlein’s addition to the team, stating, “Bernd’s expertise and on-the-ground experience are invaluable assets as we further expand our operations in EMEA. As ecommerce companies seek to create better digital customer experiences that drive their top and bottom line, we’re committed to providing the best possible service and catering to regional needs.”

The Power of Constructor’s AI Technology
Constructor’s AI-powered solutions are transforming how ecommerce companies improve product discovery. By integrating generative AI with personalization, Constructor’s AI Shopping Assistant (ASA) enables buyers to express long-form requests and engage in conversations to receive personalized product recommendations aligned with real-time inventory.

The platform’s personalization capabilities leverage natural language processing, machine learning-enhanced results ranking, and collaborative personalization to deliver powerful user experiences across all facets of product discovery. Real-time data integration allows the platform to learn from every query and interaction, reflecting personalized experiences across various product discovery features.

Constructor’s Attribute Enrichment feature automatically fills gaps and corrects errors in product catalog information, ensuring sellers can surface their full range of inventory to buyers. The AI solutions utilize transformers, a deep learning architecture with natural language processing capabilities, to accurately interpret the importance and context of each term in a query. This enables ecommerce companies to understand shopper intent on a deeper level and rank products in a way that is more attractive to individual users while optimized for business KPIs.

The impact of Constructor’s AI-powered solutions is evident in the results achieved by its customers. Major grocery chains, apparel brands, and general retailers have reported a 10% increase in website revenue, a 6% increase in search conversions, and a 7% increase in clicks after implementing Constructor’s technology.

Experience Constructor’s Award-Winning Technology at Shoptalk Europe
Constructor is showcasing its powerful and proven solutions for enhancing ecommerce product discovery at Shoptalk Europe in Barcelona from June 3-5. Visitors can experience Constructor’s recently unveiled AI Shopping Assistant (ASA) at stand #H30, which has been honored with a gold Stevie® Award and People’s Choice Stevie® Award for best new ecommerce solution.

To meet with Bernd Maehrlein and the Constructor team at Shoptalk Europe and witness the company’s technology in action, visit

As Constructor continues its rapid growth trajectory, with revenue doubling for the third consecutive year, EMEA remains a high-priority market with immense potential. The company’s commitment to delivering innovative, AI-driven solutions tailored to the unique needs of ecommerce companies in the region positions it as a catalyst for driving growth and success in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.


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