Flipping the script on e-commerce fulfillment

How Ecommerce Brands Can Use the Ohi Platform To Deliver Powerful, Fast, Brand-Focused, And Memorable Post-Purchase Experiences

We’ve all experienced the feeling of a magical post-purchase experience and the lasting impact it can have on our relationships with brands. Consumers want more from their brands, and brands need more in order to deliver.

We interview Russell Griffin, the CRO with Ohi. He has flipped the script for e-commerce fulfillment, transforming it from what is traditionally seen as a cost center into a growth engine. Brands join the Ohi platform to deliver powerfully fast, brand-focused, and memorable post-purchase experiences that enable them to grow.

Why Ecommerce Brands Should Care About The Ohi Platform

Brands are clamoring for more from their post-purchase experiences. Even as they’ve transformed fulfillment into a growth engine, however, most e-commerce brands continue to service customers based on their ability to meet delivery windows. This approach doesn’t address the problems that lead customers to bounce from retailer to retailer. It also doesn’t allow retailers to gain a better understanding of the customer.

Post-purchase experiences can be difficult, and the world is evolving at breakneck speed. When customers have another option, they’ll go to it.

What Are Typical Post-Purchase Experiences Consumers Experience?

Perhaps the most common post-purchase experience is that of frustrated shoppers.

Being stuck with slow shipping or delayed products is just the tip of the iceberg. Poorly designed websites are on the list, as are poorly documented checkout pages.

Products that fail to meet buyer expectations, a lack of product reviews, and poor after-sales experience don’t help.

How Has Ohi Revolutionized the Post-Purchase Experience?

A business can get most of their shipping and post-purchase experience wrong in just one click or screen.

Ohi’s service allows small, growth-stage companies to expand their network of fulfillment centers across the United States in a unique way that saves money and energy.

Micro-warehousing means that brands can avoid the much higher environmental costs of maintaining traditional warehouses or offering next-day or two-day shipping on a plane. This also eliminates the much higher costs of long-term leases and fees associated with air travel.

Ohi’s Post-Purchase Experience Solution offers a top-to-bottom way for merchants to deliver powerful, fast, and memorable post-purchase experiences to their customers.

How Ecommerce Brands Can Use The Ohi Platform To Deliver Powerful, Fast, Brand-Focused, And Memorable Post-Purchase Experiences

Ohi integrates directly into your website, always keeping your brand first. Your brand + Ohi instant commerce = the kind of growth every e-commerce and marketing leader dreams of.

By providing enjoyable post-purchase experiences, Ohi delights your customers and keeps them coming back, increasing their order frequency, average order value (AOV), and ultimately, your profitability. The math is simple; adding Ohi unlocks growth for your brand.

Since ecommerce is a high-touch experience, we had to reimagine how to support our customers and build more intuitive experiences on the backend.


The process of understanding customer needs and anticipating the e-commerce buyer journey requires us to consider what the shopper experience will be like. How is the customer purchasing journey organized? How do they find a product, determine which one to purchase, research the competitor options, and so on?

The answers to these questions all depend on having strong brand standards for these attributes and having a clear view of the entire purchase journey.

Ohi is looking to the future of fulfillment and the future of warehousing.


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