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Do you know the four ways to add B2B business to your B2C Shopify Store? Avi Kumar helps us to understand some of the complexities around doing B2B on Shopify. We discuss different business models and how you can be successful on your SaaS-based eCommerce store.

Avi is the owner and chief wizard of Invisible PPC, a white label PPC company that is helping agencies break into new markets.

Four ways to add B2B business to your B2C on Shopify:

Keep it simple, offer special Discount codes on the current B2C site for small-scale B2B sales, and/or just testing waters. For more robust solutions consider Third-party wholesale applications. Simplicity and single store to serve B2c and B2B Use Shopify’s wholesale channel if already paying for Shopify Plus. This provides a simple ordering channel to receive B2Bo orders. Finally, a fully separate Shopify online store gives B2B customers the most leeway both during and after the project, enabling, among other things, different catalogs and promotions in different stores.

Trying to go online from the Distributer model, consider these points:

1. Is your distributor willing to buy the product/service online? First test with them.

2. Set a higher price on the website Vs what distributor end retailers can offer? Will keep your distributors/retailers happy and trust us clients are willing to pay higher prices on the Brand site.

3. Offer exclusive products online

4. Exclude distributor Geo from online and go to new areas.

5. Offer a percentage for online sales in their territory, this will buy their goodwill and support for online.

InvisblePPC White Label Google/Bing ads service focused local businesses, a great choice for small agencies working in the local markets. Highly cost-effective and ROI positive to run Google ads for local business niches.


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