The four basic sales types with Paul Lima

We interview Paul Lima with Lima Consulting. We had planned on diving into Adobe Experience Manager but our conversation went to business and the four types. Listen to learn what they are and get some great wisdom and insight from Paul. We cover the four main areas of business, Selling Products in your store or on a marketplace. Selling services or even selling lead generation. Selling experiences like Disney does or selling your audience. Paul further identifies 64 sub-categories within the four business models.

About Paul Lima

Author, speaker, and visionary, Paul has spent more than 25 years leading companies and helping the world’s premier brands transform their digital futures. Prior to starting LCG in 2004, Paul served as one of the America’s first cyber-warriors in the US Army. After retiring from the Army, Paul became a product development leader at SEI, the leading global trust accounting platform. There, he led six FinTech solutions and oversaw their evolution, including an effort to web-enable Trust3000 Anywhere, the firm’s flagship product, responsible for processing $1.5 Trillion a day. Paul is the author of the digital Transformation Maturity Model. He is an Adobe Certified Expert and certified with several Google products. Paul holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the Military Academy of the United States at West Point, and a Master’s Degree in technology management, jointly awarded by the University of Pennsylvania Engineering School (SEAS) and the Wharton School. Paul speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and English.


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    Who is Brent Peterson? Brent is a serial entrepreneur and marketing professional with a passion for running. He co-founded Wagento and has a new adventure called ContentBasis. Brent is the host of the podcast Talk Commerce. He has run 25 marathons and one Ironman race. Brent has been married for 29 years. He was born in Montana, and attended the University of Minnesota and Birmingham University without ever getting his degree.

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