A 6-Step Guide to Landing Podcast Interviews to Grow Your Influence

Being a guest on shows can be a powerful way to grow your influence, establish thought leadership, and connect with new audiences. However, landing those coveted interview spots requires a strategic approach. In this post, we’ll dive into the six essential steps to mastering the art of podcast pitching, as shared by Mischa Zvegintzov, a renowned expert in the field.

1. Don’t Aim Only for the Biggest Podcasts

While setting your sights on the most popular podcasts is tempting, don’t overlook the value of smaller, niche shows. If a podcast has an audience that aligns with your message and expertise, it can be just as valuable as a larger platform. Focus on finding the right fit rather than solely chasing numbers.

2. Have a Compelling Story to Share

To capture the attention of podcast hosts and their listeners, you need to have a compelling story to share. Identify the unique value you can bring and craft a narrative showcasing your expertise and insights. Consider what challenges or problems you can help solve for the podcast’s audience.

3. Send a Simple, Direct Email Pitch

When reaching out to podcast hosts, keep your pitch simple and direct. Mischa suggests using a template like this: “I found your podcast, and you have a great show. Are you looking for an interesting guest to be on the show? If so, what are the next steps?” This approach is straightforward and shows genuine interest in the podcast.

4. Be Prepared for Rejection

Rejection is a natural part of the podcast pitching process. In fact, Mischa notes that only about 10% of pitches may receive a positive response initially. Don’t let this discourage you. Instead, be prepared for rejection and have a plan to follow up with those who don’t respond. Persistence is key.

5. Make a Counteroffer

If you receive a “no” from a podcast host, don’t let the conversation end there. Take the opportunity to make a counteroffer by inviting them to be a guest on your own podcast. This strategic move can open doors to valuable connections and potential collaborations down the line.

6. Take Action, Don’t Wait for Perfection

One of Mischa’s most important pieces of advice is to take action and start pitching, even if you don’t feel fully prepared. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before contacting podcast hosts. You can figure things out as you go along. The key is to start building momentum and learning from the process.

Take Action!

Mastering the art of podcast pitching requires a combination of strategy, persistence, and a willingness to learn and adapt. By following these six steps shared by Mischa Zvegintzov, you can increase your chances of landing valuable podcast interviews and growing your influence in your industry. Remember, it’s not about aiming for perfection but rather about taking action and consistently putting yourself out there. With each pitch, you’ll refine your approach and move closer to becoming a sought-after podcast guest. So, start crafting your compelling story, send those pitches, and embrace the journey of building your influence through podcasting.


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