The power of collaboration

Unlock the power of collaborations: Grow your business faster.

Brand collaborations are an effective way for businesses to diversify their products and services, increase their reach and visibility in the marketplace, and create unique promotional opportunities.

The Five Keys To The Collaboration Kingdom

The Five Keys To The Collaboration Kingdom

Brand collabs are all the rage right now and like many brand owners you’re likely itching to get off the sidelines and start making headlines for your brand.

Maureen Mwangi

Branding your Business with Maureen Mwangi

This week we interview Maureen Mwangi, CEO of Starward Consulting who has over 10 years of experience building, growing, and scaling some of America’s biggest brands.

In a world where all the “expert” growth strategies seem catered to the service industry, it can feel impossible to figure out what it takes to turn your product brand into a market leader.

But as a brand growth strategist who’s worked with many of those big brands, Maureen Mwangi knows first-hand that they didn’t get where they are today through trial and error or piecing together fragmented strategies. She uses the data that companies already possess to develop a growth strategy