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Harnessing the Power of TikTok for E-commerce: A Conversation with Lauren Schwartz

In this podcast episode, Brent welcomes Lauren Schwartz, the owner of The Loft 325, a creative studio specializing in ad creatives for e-commerce brands. They discuss the importance of creativity in TikTok videos and how it offers a new way for brands to engage with audiences.

Lauren advises brands to balance creativity with taking action by developing content on various topics and working with content creators. They also discuss the challenge of convincing B2B brands to try TikTok and how to grab viewers’ attention quickly. They discuss the importance of content creation and organic user-generated content for e-commerce merchants.

Ready to dive into the world of TikTok and e-commerce? Join me in this episode as we explore the importance of creativity, content creators, and the benefits of using TikTok for advertising. Get inspired and stay one step ahead!

The Loft 325: A Creative Hub for E-commerce Brands

Lauren Schwartz is not just the founder of The Loft 325, but she also plays a pivotal role in running the studio and educating new creatives on the platforms they will be working on. Her passion lies in helping designers and video editors find their creative direction.

TikTok: A New Avenue for E-commerce Brands

Our conversation quickly moved to the topic of TikTok and its role in e-commerce. Lauren explained that TikTok offers a unique element of entertainment that allows brands to step away from being overly salesy. It provides a fresh way to engage with audiences and showcase products in a fun and entertaining manner.

Balancing Creativity and Action

When asked about how brands can balance creativity with taking action, Lauren advised brand owners to start developing content on various topics, including interviews with employees and industry experts. She emphasized the importance of working with content creators who can provide fresh perspectives on the brand.

Overcoming Skepticism: The TikTok Challenge

We also discussed the challenge of convincing B2B brands to try TikTok. Lauren acknowledged the skepticism but suggested allocating a budget to test the platform. She recommended working with content creators to bring a fresh perspective to the brand’s image.

The Importance of Quick Engagement on TikTok

Lauren highlighted the importance of grabbing viewers’ attention quickly on TikTok. With users scrolling through content rapidly, the “three-second hook” is actually less than a second. Understanding what is trending on TikTok can help in creating engaging content that resonates with the audience.

Engaging Older Generations on TikTok

When asked about engaging older generations, like Gen Xers, on TikTok, Lauren suggested that by being on TikTok and understanding what people like, one can adapt their content accordingly. She also emphasized the importance of analyzing trends and incorporating them into ad formats to make them look more like TikTok content and less like traditional ads.

Getting Discovered on TikTok

Lauren explained that while going viral is challenging, using trending hashtags and creating engaging content can help in getting discovered on TikTok.

Advice for E-commerce Merchants

Lauren’s advice to e-commerce merchants, especially leading up to Black Friday, is to focus on content creation and organic user-generated content (UGC). She emphasized that working with creators can be highly effective across all platforms and recommended investing time in content creation because it consistently yields positive results.

The Power of Testing and Trying New Things

I agreed with Lauren’s point and added that testing different approaches is crucial to determine what works best. Creators bring a fresh perspective and encourage trying new things. The cost of creating content has significantly decreased with the availability of tools and the ability to reach multiple platforms.

A Final Word

As our conversation came to a close, Lauren announced that she will be launching a designer course for aspiring creatives looking to enter the field of paid social advertising.In conclusion, our conversation with Lauren Schwartz highlighted the potential of TikTok as a powerful tool for e-commerce brands. By understanding the platform’s unique dynamics and leveraging its creative potential, brands can engage with their audience in a fresh and entertaining way.

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Notable moments:

The importance of creativity on TikTok [00:02:25] TikTok allows brands to step away from branded content and be more creative and entertaining in how they talk about their products.

The role of content creators in brand marketing [00:04:58] Working with content creators provides new perspectives and fresh ideas for brands, helping them showcase their products in a unique way.

Testing TikTok for B2B brands [00:06:04] While there may be skepticism, it is recommended to at least test TikTok by allocating budget for creative and ad spend to see if it brings value to the brand.

The importance of grabbing attention quickly [00:09:24] The speaker discusses the need to capture viewers’ attention within a second on TikTok due to the fast-scrolling nature of the platform.

Analyzing trends on TikTok for ad creatives [00:10:55] The speaker talks about the importance of understanding and incorporating trending content into ad creatives on TikTok.

Organic growth versus paid growth on TikTok [00:13:35] The speaker discusses the benefits of both organic and paid growth on TikTok and emphasizes the importance of having an organic presence on the platform.

Content creation and working with creators [00:19:43] The importance of investing in content creation and collaborating with creators for e-commerce businesses.

Testing and the cost of creative [00:20:18] The significance of testing different strategies and the lower cost of creating content across multiple platforms.

Shameless plug for designer course [00:21:01] Lauren’s upcoming designer course for new creatives in the paid social advertising field.


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  • Tools for creating content across multiple platforms: 00:20:18
  • Designer course for brand new creatives in paid social advertising: 00:21:01