Finding the Right Akeneo Developer on Upwork

Finding the Right Akeneo Developer on Upwork: Tips for Success

Upwork is a great platform for businesses to find the right Akeneo or any other PHP developer for their needs. It provides an easy and efficient way to connect with top development professionals worldwide, allowing businesses to find the best talent for their projects.

Talk-Commerce Constanze Kratel

Developing Developer Relations at BigCommerce with Constanze Kratel

We speak with Constanze Kratel, the senior developer relations manager with BigCommerce. Constanze came from Microsoft and had been helping build a more extensive community of developers at BigCommerce. It’s not just developer, developer, a developer like Steve Ballmer used to say. There are lots of fun things in store with BigCommerce, and this episode gives you a taste of what is to come if you’re a developer, project manager, or even a merchant. Lots of good things are happening at Big Commerce.


No Code Commerce 101

s an ecommerce developer, you’ll want to know all of this if you want to grow your business. Learning about the pros and cons of coding vs. no code is a great start.

Talk-Commerce Stephen Hilliard

Developer Relations at BigCommerce with Stephen Hilliard

If you have an online store, you will most likely have someone helping you customize it. We call those people “Developers,” and they help make merchants’ lives easier but creating solutions that increase your ROI on your website.

Stephen Hilliard is a Developer Advocate for BigCommerce and talks about all the great things that BigCommerce is doing for the community and for developers. He goes over some of the past events along with what they are planning for 2023.

The exciting news is the Twitter Spaces that is happening on Thursdays at 1 pm CST – You can join the space on Twitter starting Oct 20th, 2022.

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