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Talk-Commerce Jacob Baadsgaard

Smart Scaling Secrets from Disruptive Advertising’s Jacob Baadsgaard

In a recent episode of my podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Jacob Baadsgaard, the founder of Disruptive Advertising. We delved into his journey from starting as a freelancer in his basement to becoming the founder of a thriving agency. We also discussed his passions, the importance of balance, and the lessons he learned from being out of balance in the past.

The Journey of Disruptive Advertising

Jacob shared about his day-to-day role at Disruptive Advertising and his passion for helping businesses reach their potential. He revealed that Disruptive Advertising started as a freelance side gig in his basement and has now grown into a thriving agency with employees across the country.

Life Beyond Work

When asked about his passions outside of work, Jacob mentioned that his biggest passion project is his four kids. He recently took his oldest daughter on an adventure to New Zealand, which was a great bonding experience for them. Jacob also enjoys zone two cardio, spending time on the bike or running outside while listening to books. He finds that these workouts help him clear his mind and feel connected to his life.

Transitioning Roles and the EOS Model

Jacob discussed his transition from the CEO role to focusing on his passions within the company. He has stepped away from the day-to-day management and execution of the business to focus on developing education and experiences for digital marketers. He emphasized the importance of working on the business rather than in the business and the need to let go of how things get done while maintaining a clear vision and strategic direction.

We also discussed the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) model, which we both use in our businesses. The EOS model provides simplicity and clarity, allowing everyone in the organization to be on the same page and work towards a common goal.

Core Values and Mission of Disruptive Advertising

Jacob touched on the core values and mission of Disruptive Advertising. They have a unique approach to operating below industry benchmarks in terms of margin. Instead of focusing solely on profitability, they have a profit-sharing program and a personal development budget for their employees, investing in their growth and well-being.

Unique Aspects of Disruptive Advertising

Jacob explained three unique aspects of Disruptive Advertising. First, they limit the number of clients they work with, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Second, Disruptive Advertising is the top-rated performance marketing agency, with many happy customers. Lastly, Jacob emphasized the importance of alignment between business goals and marketing strategy.

The Role of Guessing in Marketing

We discussed the role of guessing in marketing. Jacob emphasized that guessing in marketing leads to nowhere and compares it to steering a rudderless ship. He appreciates the fact that on our podcast, we don’t give advice but rather share our own experiences.

The Current Disruptor in Advertising

When asked about the current disruptor in advertising, Jacob responded that AI is the game-changer in marketing right now. He expressed excitement about the possibilities of AI, such as chatGPT and image/graphic creation. He believes that AI will make marketers more valuable by freeing them from repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on strategy and creativity.

My conversation with Jacob Baadsgaard was insightful and inspiring. His journey from a basement freelancer to the founder of a top-rated agency, his passion for his family and fitness, and his insights into the future of marketing were all enlightening. I look forward to seeing what Disruptive Advertising will achieve in the future under his visionary leadership.