Stefan Hanmann - Ben Marks - Shopware

Shopware and America with Ben Marks and Stefan Hamann

The ecommerce landscape is changing. More choices are here and more are coming. I speak with Stefan Hamann the CEO of Shopware and Ben Marks, Director of Global Market Development. They are bringing Shopware to the world and in this episode, we talk about the benefits of Shopware for the US market. We talk about the ease of use and especially the ability to start on a SaaS platform and move to completely custom on-prem. This is something very unique and exciting to the e-commerce world

Professor U + Dave Crow | UltraCommerce

Welcome to this special Episode of ULTRA Talk Commerce, where we explore how merchants, agencies, and developers experience commerce and the communities they work and live in. This week we interview Dave Crow and Professor U with UltraCommerce. We learn about the platform, its history, and why it is a fantastic solution for a multitude of merchants who are looking for a robust ecommerce platform or an order management system, or a product information system, or even a marketplace! Wow, this is fantastic! Professor U joins us to talk about partners and who should and can get involved. This episode was recorded on July 8th, 2021