Honolulu Cookie Company Serves Up Sweetness with New Ube Flavor

May 28, 2024 – HONOLULU, HI – Honolulu Cookie Company is thrilled to unveil its latest seasonal offering – the captivating Ube flavor. This vibrant purple yam-inspired cookie is poised to delight taste buds and transport island enthusiasts to the tropical shores of Hawaii.

The Irresistible Allure of Ube

Honolulu Cookie Company’s Ube seasonal flavor cookie
Honolulu Cookie Company’s Ube seasonal flavor cookie

Ube, a beloved staple in Southeast Asian cuisine, has found its way into the hearts and palates of dessert lovers worldwide. This versatile purple yam offers a unique flavor profile that seamlessly blends the essence of vanilla with a subtly sweet finish. Honolulu Cookie Company has masterfully infused this captivating ingredient into their premium shortbread cookies, creating a delectable treat that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.

Savor the Tropical Twist

Beginning tomorrow, Ube devotees can indulge in the perfect balance of texture and taste with Honolulu Cookie Company’s Ube seasonal flavor. These cookies, adorned in a striking collectible purple Ube Pineapple Tin (9 cookies, 1 flavor) or the convenient Ube Mini Bites Snack Pack (7oz, approx. 37-40 mini bites), are the ultimate on-the-go companion for island-inspired cravings.

For those seeking a more indulgent experience, the online-exclusive Single Flavor Box Ube (16 cookies, 1 flavor) provides the perfect opportunity to savor the essence of Ube in a bountiful serving.

Honolulu Cookie Company has been sharing the spirit of Aloha through its world-class products, exceptional customer experiences, and exquisite packaging since 1998. The family-owned and operated business takes pride in handcrafting each cookie using the finest ingredients inspired by Hawaii’s tropical flavors and vibrant culture.

Expand Your Ube Horizon

Ube, once a niche ingredient, has gained widespread popularity. It seamlessly integrates into various desserts, from cakes and ice cream to the beloved Honolulu Cookie Company’s shortbread creations. This versatile purple yam adds a unique hue and flavor profile that elevates any indulgence, making it the perfect addition to the company’s impressive lineup of tropical-inspired offerings.

Gifting with Aloha

Wrapped in the brand’s iconic signature packaging, each box of Honolulu Cookie Company’s Ube cookies can be presented as a cherished gift, ready to be shared with loved ones. The pineapple-shaped premium shortbread cookies continue to embody the essence of Hawaii, inviting recipients to experience the warmth and hospitality of the islands.

Explore the Ube Experience

For the most up-to-date information on Honolulu Cookie Company store hours and locations, visit www.honolulucookie.com/content/store-locations.asp. To learn more about the new Ube flavor and the brand’s full range of offerings, visit www.honolulucookie.com or call the toll-free number at (866) 333-5800.

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