Unwrapping The Mystery of Why Exit Interviews Matter More Than You Think

The Power of Goodbyes: Unwrapping The Mystery of Why Exit Interviews Matter More Than You Think

This article dives into the uncharted significance of exit interviews. Despite being overlooked, these powerful tools are the foundation of continuous improvement and future success.

Talk-Commerce-Michael Mader

Making a Difference with Socks: My Conversation with Michael Mader of Hippy Feet

As a podcast host, I have the privilege of meeting and interviewing some truly inspiring individuals. One such person is Michael Mader, the founder and CEO of Hippy Feet, a sock and apparel company with a mission to end youth homelessness. In this blog post, I’ll share some of the key insights from our conversation.

Meeting Michael Mader

Michael is not just the CEO of Hippy Feet; he’s also the heart and soul of the company. His day-to-day role involves everything from sales and revenue driving efforts to product design, marketing, and managing collaborations and brand relationships. He’s a man of many hats, but what truly sets him apart is his passion for helping the homeless community.

The Birth of Hippy Feet

Hippy Feet is a six and a half-year-old company that was born out of adversity. Michael suffered a traumatic brain injury during his senior year of college, forcing him to drop out and go into recovery for three months. During this challenging time, he realized the importance of having a support system and was inspired to create a business that could serve as a support system for young people affected by homelessness.

The Evolution of Hippy Feet’s Mission

Initially, Hippy Feet hired young people for job training programs, providing them with income and teaching them soft skills. However, Michael soon realized that while this approach was successful in providing income, it didn’t address the core social services needed to transition out of homelessness, such as housing and healthcare.Recognizing their limitations as a for-profit company, they decided to shift to a donation model. Now, they donate 50% of their profits to nonprofits addressing youth homelessness. Last year alone, they donated $66,000, which was more than they had previously paid in wages. This shift allowed them to focus on revenue-driving activities and improve the efficiency of their business.

Partnering with Nonprofits

Hippy Feet carefully selects nonprofit partners and strategic locations for their donations. They prioritize nonprofits that provide housing, healthcare, and employment services. While they have nonprofit partners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, they also strategically give to other states with high homeless youth populations, such as California and Illinois.

The B2B Program

Hippy Feet’s B2B program allows companies to customize socks with their logos or artwork. These companies support Hippy Feet’s mission and share their commitment with their clients and employees. Despite the availability of cheaper socks from China, they choose to buy from Hippy Feet because of their mission, the fact that their socks are made in the USA, and their use of sustainable materials like recycled cotton.

Sustainability at Hippy Feet

Sustainability is a core value at Hippy Feet. All their socks are made in the USA, partnering with family-owned businesses in North Carolina. They use recycled yarns, merino wool, soy-based fibers, and recycled cotton yarns in their products. Each pair of socks contains about 85% recycled materials.

The Future of Hippy Feet

Looking ahead, Michael sees growth potential for Hippy Feet in the retail, B2B, and e-commerce spaces. He’s excited about an upcoming collaboration with former Bachelorette Michelle Young. They have partnered to create a collection of socks designed by K-12 students, with the proceeds going towards supporting youth experiencing homelessness. The collaboration will be announced in the next few weeks and the socks will be available for sale in May, coinciding with National Teacher Appreciation Week.

Wrapping Up

My conversation with Michael was not just enlightening, but also inspiring. His commitment to helping the homeless community and his innovative approach to running a business are truly commendable. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Hippy Feet.

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Scaling eCommerce Success: Bridging Platforms, Growth Tactics, and ROI with Isaiah Bollinger

Isaiah Bollinger, a 4-time Inc. 5000 awardee and owner of four businesses is an expert in creating scalable digital growth strategies and is renowned for implementing these strategies across businesses of varying sizes.

As the co-founder and CEO of Trellis, a full-service eCommerce solution provider, Isaiah focuses on enhancing businesses’ IT and digital marketing spheres. Trellis specializes in implementing websites powered by leading platforms such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and WordPress.

The company’s capabilities allow it to plan, design, and launch a solution that fits clients’ specific goals and budget today and can also scale as businesses grow. Beyond launches, Trellis maintains a robust partnership with its clients to spearhead website improvements and drive effective marketing strategies to attract more customers.

The pursuit of a high conversion rate and expanded online reach is prioritized, working with clients continually to enhance their websites for optimal ROI. Under Isaiah’s leadership, Trellis has catered to a diverse array of B2B and B2C businesses, right from startups to enterprise-level firms, navigating different industries and business models to ensure maximized eCommerce results. Boasting a stunning annual growth rate of over 50% every year as CEO, Isaiah propels Trellis forward with a vision to establish it as a top eCommerce solutions provider.

Talk-Commerce McKenna Sweazey

Unveiling Web 3.0: A Deep Dive into the Future of Digital Ownership, Marketing, and Privacy with McKenna Sweazey

In this insightful discussion between Brent and McKenna, they delve into the multifaceted world of Web 3.0, explaining it as both an abstract and broad concept, yet a crucial evolution in how we consume and own content online. Starting from Web Zero, represented by traditional newspapers, McKenna navigates through the progression to social media, which made content a two-way conversation among users, brands, and media companies.

Highlighting the diverse nature of content, ranging from written word to art, fashion, and commerce, McKenna anticipates a future where the digital world incorporates 3D elements, alluding to platforms like Roblox and Fortnite as precursors to an imminent Metaverse. The conversation delves into the inherent need for digital ownership in this increasingly online existence, pinpointing blockchain technology as a solution, especially in the context of NFTs.

They also touch upon related technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality, which though tangential, play a role in these immersive 3D worlds. Discussing the implications of Web 3.0 from a marketing perspective, McKenna notes the need for a publicly distributed yet private ledger, ensuring there’s no single point of failure for data. However, the tension between privacy and the public distribution of data becomes evident, particularly when it comes to token gating, which opens up new avenues and challenges for marketers.

They also explore the possible trajectory towards a “cookie-less” future, considering the idea of tokens as a replacement, enabling a more direct and intimate brand-customer relationship. Though the pool might become smaller, this scenario fosters a more engaged audience, thereby increasing customer lifetime value.

The podcast concludes with McKenna’s optimism about Web 3.0, considering it as a significant shift towards the consumer’s advantage, leading to a more tangible connection with brands and prompting more informed, involved consumer behavior. In turn, this evolution brings opportunities for marketers, introducing new ways to leverage consumer data with consumer consent, opening a new chapter in the digital marketing landscape.

Talk-Commerce Yulia Blinova

Unleashing the Power of Global Business with Yulia Blinova

In this exciting episode of Talk Commerce, host Brent Peterson is joined by Yulia Blinova, a seasoned international business professional with over 18 years of experience spanning multiple continents. Yulia shares her expertise in product sourcing, supply chain management, strategic partner/channel management, and business development, covering both B2B and B2C markets. Brent and Yulia dive into her unique journey, discussing her experiences in countries like China, Singapore, Germany, Russia, and the Americas. Yulia explains how her cross-cultural awareness has given her a strategic advantage in understanding and navigating diverse markets, helping her to drive successful market entries and go-to-market strategies. Yulia also shares her insights on the current trends and challenges in e-commerce, import/exports, transportation, and IOT. She emphasizes the importance of efficient and strategic thinking in managing cross-functional, multidisciplinary teams and achieving project goals on time, even under pressure. Throughout the conversation, Yulia imparts valuable advice for businesses looking to expand internationally, drawing from her extensive knowledge of EU, US, Russian, CIS, and South American markets. This episode is packed with actionable tips and wisdom for anyone interested in the world of global business development, and it’s not to be missed!

Talk-Commerce Aaron Boike

Building a Fitness Community and Business with Aaron Boike

We chat with Aaron Boike, the co-founder of Three Click Mobile Fitness and the owner of Performance Running Gym. We discuss Aaron’s journey from working at Snap Fitness to becoming an entrepreneur and building a community around his businesses. We also discuss his partnerships with local organizations, implementing EOS in his business, and advice for those looking to start their fitness journey.

Show Notes:


  • Aaron Boike, co-founder of Three Click Mobile Fitness
  • Aaron’s journey from managing Snap Fitness gyms to starting his own business

Origins of Three Click Mobile Fitness

  • Aaron’s passion for helping others lose weight and enjoy life
  • Mentoring under Benjamin Cowan, a local entrepreneur
  • The booking process and focus on customer goals

Success Stories and Partnerships

  • Brent’s personal experience with Three Click Mobile Fitness
  • Partnership with Performance Running Gym
  • Building a community around the business

Performance Running Gym

  • Purchased in May 2020
  • Growth and involvement in the local running community
  • Group runs, workshops, and seminars

Building a Community

  • Offering free content and engagement opportunities
  • Partnerships with Mylan My Shoes, a nonprofit that helps people reenter the community through running
  • Connections made through running together

Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS)

  • Implementing EOS in the business with the help of a local coach
  • Benefits of EOS implementation, including the L 10 meeting

Getting Started in Running

  • Aaron’s advice: start with walking and gradually add running
  • Sign up for short, inspiring races to stay motivated
  • Brent’s perspective on marathons and training

Online Presence and Future Plans

  • Using an online idea to enhance a traditional business
  • Three Click Mobile Fitness and Performance Running Gym’s offerings
  • Visit performancerungym.com to get started


  • Aaron’s Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur
  • The importance of building a community around your business and offering valuable services
Image of a volunteer with a thumbs up

The Power of Open Dialogue in Volunteer Organizations: Encouraging Honest Communication for Positive Impact

Effective communication is crucial for any organization, and volunteer organizations are no exception. Open dialogue is a form of communication that promotes honesty, empathy, and respect. When individuals feel safe to express their opinions and feelings, it can lead to positive impacts on the organization. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of open dialogue in volunteer organizations and strategies to encourage it.

Talk-Commerce CareyAnn Golliver

The Perfect Match: Franchise Edition with CareyAnn Golliver

In this captivating episode of Talk Commerce, we sit down with Careyann Golliver, America’s Franchise Matchmaker™, to discuss her unique approach to franchise matchmaking and how she’s helped over 500 clients find their ideal franchise ownership match. Careyann shares her journey into the world of franchising, valuable insights on what to expect when owning a franchise, and the importance of due diligence in the decision-making process. We also explore how she simplifies the process for her clients, reducing stress and frustration while mitigating risks. Don’t miss this engaging conversation with Careyann Golliver, and learn how you too, can find your perfect franchise match!

Exit Interviews Can Be Helpful to a Company Because

Exit Interviews Can Be Helpful to a Company Because…

Exit interviews are a crucial tool for companies to gain insights into the experiences and perceptions of their departing employees. While it may be tempting to view these interviews as a formality or a way to check a box, the truth is that they can offer valuable information that can help improve the company’s culture, processes, and employee retention rates.

By conducting exit interviews, companies can better understand why employees are leaving and identify areas for improvement that may have gone unnoticed. In this way, exit interviews can be a powerful tool for companies to stay ahead of the curve and ensure they provide their employees with the best possible work environment.

TalkCommerce A Quick Read to Unlocking Success Combining PPC with Cold Calling

A Quick Read to Unlocking Success: Combining PPC with Cold Calling

Are you looking for an effective way to supercharge your sales strategy and maximize your return on investment? Combining a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign with a well-executed cold-calling strategy can yield impressive results in today’s competitive market. This blog post will explore how this powerful duo can help you achieve your sales goals, generate new leads, and increase your bottom line.